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Name Position Contact email Contact number
Ms Haijiao Lu Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms Haijiao Lu Postdoctoral Fellow
Prof. Stanley (Bruce) Wild Emeritus Professor
Mr Elwy Abdelkader Ali Postdoctoral Fellow
Robin Afshin Sander PhD Candidate
Saurabh Ahirwar PhD Candidate
Adnan Ahmad PhD Candidate
Dr. Heather Aitken
Dr Lee Alissandratos Honorary Lecturer
Dr Sarah Andrew Lab Manager
Centre of Excellence Node Administrator
Dr Alireza Ariafard Senior Lecturer +61 2 6125 2934
Flynn Attard Honours Student
Ms Rosie Avery PhD Candidate
Zack Avery PhD Candidate
Dr. Nuwan Bandara Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Daniel Bartkus Technical Officer
Hayden Bell PhD Candidate
Ms Bozena Belzowski Technical Officers (Teaching) +61 2 6125 0396
Michelle Bettanin Administration Manager +61 2 6125 2411
Mr Mitchell Blyth PhD Candidate
Joseph Boileau Technical Officer (JMSF) +61 2 6125 3570
Ms Hannah Bollard PhD Candidate
Tim Borough Building Operations Manager +61 2 6125 2391
Lilian Boton PhD Candidate
Hannah Bott PhD Candidate
Callum Breeze PhD Candidate
Prof. Penelope Brothers Director +61 2 6125 1322
Anh (Dinh) Bui PhD Candidate
Mr Liam Burt PhD Candidate
Dr Adam Carroll Joint Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager +61 2 6125 7969
Prof. John Carver Emeritus Professor +61 2 6125 9748
Dr John Chen Postdoctoral Fellow
Yi-Lun Chen PhD Candidate
Prof. Nicholas F. Chilton Professor of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
Osbert Chou PhD Candidate
Alden Christley-Balcomb PhD Candidate
Prof. Des Clark-Walker Emeritus Professor +61 2 61254510
Mr Graeme Clemow Professional Staff +61 2 6125 5049
Dr Annie Colebatch Senior Lecturer
Rita Cornforth Fellow +61 2 6125 4293
Prof. Michael Collins Emeritus Professor
Prof. Luke Connal HDR Convenor
Associate Director +61 2 6125 2937
Kieran Connor PhD Candidate
Miss Alexandra Cook Administrative Assistant (Teaching)
+61 2 6125 5076
Prof. Michelle Coote Honorary Professor +61 2 6125 3771
Alexandra Coram PhD Candidate
Prof. Nick Cox Professor 6125 8128
Mr Blake Curtis PhD Candidate
Ms. Monalisha Ghosh Dastidar PhD Candidate
Lani Davies PhD Candidate
Ms Andie Delaney PhD Candidate
Nicholas Den Houting PhD Candidate
James Deng PhD Candidate
Dr Javad Deylami Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Huan Doan Research Fellow
Phuong Doan Casual Research Assistant
Mr Jun Du PhD Candidate
Prof. Chris Easton Emeritus Professor +61 2 61258201
+61 400 442 101
Prof. John Elix Emeritus Professor
A/ Prof. Mark Ellison Deputy Associate Director (Education)
First Year Convenor +61 2 61254398
Dr. Daniel Engelhardt Postdoctoral Fellow
Prof. Denis Evans Emeritus Professor
Mr Yi-Min Fan PhD Candidate
Mrs Malin Finell Operations Officer +61 2 6125 3637
Dr Rebecca Frkic Postdoctoral Fellow
Barnabas Gall PhD Candidate
Dr Michael Gardiner X-ray Diffraction Facility Manager +61 2 6125 3766
Caitlin Gare Honours Student
Mr. Puneet Garg PhD Candidate
Mr Andrew George PhD Candidate
Mr Josemon George Postdoctoral Fellow
Rosemary Georgelin PhD Candidate
A/ Prof. Alexey Glushenkov Associate Professor +61 2 612 51160
Chloe Gomez PhD Candidate
Edan Habel PhD Candidate
Peter Hall PhD Candidate
Miss Chelsey Hammill PhD Candidate
Mr Joshua Hammond PhD Candidate
Prof. Margaret Harding Emeritus Professor
Junming He PhD Candidate
Inoka (Dilhara) Herath PhD Candidate
Dr. Eiri Heyno Coordinator
Biopolymer and Polymer Facility
Dr Jamie Hicks Senior Lecturer +61 2 6125 3419
Prof. Anthony Hill Professor +61 2 61258577
Mr Michael J Hill Workshop Manager +61 2 6125 3494
Jack Horton Laboratory Support Officer
Administration Officer
Ms. Sahar Hosseini PhD Candidate
Prof. Thomas Huber Professor +61 2 61259346
Prof. Mark Humphrey Professor
Ryan Huo PhD Candidate
Callum Inglis Honours Student
Prof. Colin Jackson Professor +61 2 61258325
Megha Jacob PhD Candidate
Rashid Javaid PhD Candidate
Mrs Anithahini Jeyasingham Mass Spectrometry Officer +61 2 6125 3570
Dawei Ji PhD Candidate
Wenzhong Ji PhD Candidate
Xuechen Jing PhD Candidate
Ms. Alishba John PhD Candidate
Yvonne Joho PhD Candidate
Dr Gregory Jolley Technical Officer Electronics
Stephanie Jones Honours Student
Martyna Margaret Judd PhD Candidate
Dr Joe Kaczmarski Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Fabian Kallmeier Postdoctoral Fellow
Dhanya Karipal Padinjare Veedu
Mrs Maryam Kazemi Zahrani PhD Candidate
Ryan Kennedy Honours Student
Hyunjin Kim PhD Candidate
Mr Ryan Kirk PhD Candidate
Prof. Elmars Krausz Emeritus Professor +61 2 61253577
Mr Ashwani Kumar Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Marc Kynoch Facilities Officer
Mr Julien Langley PhD Candidate
Ms Tara Larkins Senior Administration Officer (Education)
Dr Joachim Larsen Postdoctoral Fellow
Doug Lawes Magnetic Resonance Facility Manager +61 2 6125 8074
Mr Vance Lawrence Senior Technical Officer (Teaching) +61 2 6125 2019
Hao Le Thi PhD Candidate
Jong Jin Lee PhD Candidate
Sharwel Lei PhD Candidate
Dr. Siu Fung (Mark) Leung Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Siu Fung (Mark) Leung Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Liqiang Li PhD Candidate
Mr Li Feng Lim PhD Candidate
Miss Yutong Lin PhD Candidate
Maksim Lisau PhD Candidate
Boqing Liu PhD Candidate
Mr. Borui Liu Academic Visitor
Jianchu Liu PhD Candidate
Kaili Liu PhD Candidate
Prof. Yun Liu ARC Laureate Fellow +61 2 61251124
Mr Zhen Liu PhD Candidate
Mirco Lorenzon PhD Candidate
Dr Teng Lu ARC DECRA Fellow +61 2 6125 3714
Mr Hugo Macdermott-Opeskin PhD Candidate
Ms. Negar Mahmoudi PhD Candidate
Prof. Lara Malins Professor
Westpac Research Fellow +61 2 6125 9106
Mr. Aidan Matthews PhD Candidate
Dana Matthews Casual Research Assistant
PhD Candidate
Kate McKenzie Technical and WHS Manager +61 2 6125 5649
Prof. Malcolm McLeod Associate Professor +61 2 61253504
Dr Sreelakshmi Mekkattu Tharayil Postdoctoral Fellow
Miss Karen Milewska PhD Candidate
Vishnu Mini Sasi PhD Candidate
Seyed Esmaeil Mohammadi Pourhosseini PhD Candidate
Mr. Himadri Shekhar Mondal PhD Candidate
Richard Morewood MPhil Candidate
Richard Morewood Separations Facility Coordinator
Mahbod Morshedi Postdoctoral Fellow
Phonlakrit (Petch) Muang-Non PhD Candidate
Dr. Krishnan Murugappan Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Krishnan Murugappan Postdoctoral Fellow
Emily Nahon PhD Candidate
Philippe Nashar PhD Candidate
Gareth Nelmes PhD Candidate
Vuyelwa Ngwenya PhD Candidate
Prof. David Nisbet Honorary Professor +61 2 57451
A/Prof. Christoph Nitsche Associate Professor
ARC Future Fellow +61 2 6125 3821
Dr Philip Norcott ARC DECRA Fellow +61 2 6125 4039
A/ Prof. Megan O'Mara Honorary Professor Megan.O' +61 2 6125 3739
Prof. David Ollis Emeritus Professor +61 2 61254377
Prof. Gottfried Otting ARC Laureate Fellow +61 2 61256507
Isabella Palombi PhD Candidate
Liam Pascoe PhD Candidate
Mrs Avis Paterson Technical Officer +61 2 6125 8817
Pradnya Patil PhD Candidate
Nathan Paul Honours Student
Xiaotong Peng PhD Candidate
Mr Preetham Permude PhD Candidate
Prof. Adam Perriman Professor of Bioengineering
James Phillips Honours Student
Jose Planchat I Barbara PhD Candidate
Mr Brett Pollard Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Andy Pranata PhD Candidate
Dr Daniel Preston ARC DECRA Fellow 6125 36 39
Mr Brad Prewett Purchasing Officer +61 2 6125 3499
Sacha Pulsford PhD Candidate
Dr Robin Purchase Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Haocheng Qianzhu Postdoctoral Fellow
Ismaël Rabouel PhD Candidate
Saif Rahaman PhD Candidate
Dr Thrinath Reddy Ramireddy Postdoctoral Fellow
Clare Rodgers School Manager +61 2 6125 3773
Ms Anagha Sabu PhD Candidate
Ms Kusum Sai PhD Candidate
Dr Brett Schwartz Senior Research Fellow
Prof. Edith Marie Sevick Honorary Professor +61 2 6125 0508
India Shackleford PhD Candidate
Minghao Shang PhD Candidate
Pratima Sharma PhD Candidate
Peidong Shen PhD Candidate
Prof. Michael Sherburn Associate Director (Education)
Professor +61 2 61254988
Ms Catherine Simpson PhD Candidate
Dr. Jordan Smith Postdoctoral Fellow
Oliver Smith Research Assistant
Ms. Shiva Sottani Dehnavi PhD Candidate
Dr. Michael Stevens WHS Consultant +61 2 6125 2101
Mr Craig Stewart PhD Candidate
Gregory Stott Elec ST & Compliance Officer
Prof. Rob Stranger Emeritus Professor +61 2 61252934
Mr Zhehao Sun PhD Candidate
Uthayasuriya Sundaramoorthy PhD Candidate
Oscar Swiprepik Honours Student
Mr. Mahdiar Taheri PhD Candidate
Miss Ming Li Tan PhD Candidate
Yi Jiun Tan PhD Candidate
Chunwei Tao PhD Candidate
Moki Thanusing PhD Candidate
Sudharsan Thiruvengadam PhD Candidate
Dr Komba Thomas Postdoctoral Fellow +61 2 6125 9399
Dr Komba Thomas Postdoctoral Fellow +61 2 6125 9399
Prof. Valeska Ting Professor of Smart Nanomaterials
Dr. Phu Thanh Tran Research Fellow
Prof. Antonio Tricoli Honorary Professor +61 2 6125 1696
Dr. Md Nasir Uddin Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr. Zain Ul Abideen PhD Candidate
Sven Ullrich PhD Candidate
Muhammad Usman PhD Candidate
Mr Damian Van Raad PhD Candidate
Miss Arwen Vernon PhD Candidate
Miss Jekaterina Viktorova PhD Candidate
Vanessa Vongsouthi PhD Candidate
Saan Voss PhD Candidate
Mr Genmiao Wang Research Officer +61 2 6125 3712
Xinyi Wang PhD Candidate
Dr. Yi Wang Postdoctoral Fellow
Prof. Thomas (Richard) Welberry Emeritus Professor +61 2 61254122
Dr Adarshi Welegedara Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms Sumudu Weththasinghe PhD Candidate
Dr. Andrew White Postdoctoral Fellow
A/ Prof. Nicholas White Associate Professor
Australian Research Council Future Fellow +61 2 6125 0335
Mr Ary Wibowo PhD Candidate
Mr Link Williams Leading Hand (Mechanical) +61 2 6125 3494
Darcy Williamson Reaction Facility Coordinator
Ms Holly Williamson Casual Research Assistant
Prof. Raymond Withers Emeritus Professor
Jingyun Wu PhD Candidate
A/ Prof. Pu Xiao Honorary Associate Professor +61 2 61253714
Junyang Xu PhD Candidate
Mr Longkun Xu PhD Candidate
Mr Patrick Yates PhD Candidate
Chengzhen Yin PhD Candidate
Hang Yin PhD Candidate
Prof. Zongyou Yin Professor (ARC Future Fellow at Level 3) +61 2 61256672
Skye Young PhD Candidate
Dr Lijuan Yu Postdoctoral Fellow +61 2 6125 3508
Doudou Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow
Miss Di Zhu PhD Candidate
Mr Adam Zupanic Mechanical Technical Officer