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Prof. Denis Evans Emeritus Professor
Ms Haijiao Lu Postdoctoral Fellow
Prof. Stanley (Bruce) Wild Emeritus Professor
Mr Elwy Abdelkader Ali Postdoctoral Fellow
Mrs Nilanthi Adikari PhD Candidate
Robin Afshin Sander PhD Candidate
Saurabh Ahirwar PhD Candidate
Dr. Heather Aitken
Jessica Algar Honours Student
Dr Lee Alissandratos Honorary Lecturer
Sarah Andrew Lab Manager
Flynn Attard Honours Student
Ms Rosie Avery PhD Candidate
Dr. Nuwan Bandara Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Daniel Bartkus Technical Officer
Hayden Bell PhD Candidate
Ms Bozena Belzowski Technical Officers (Teaching)
  • +61 2 61250396
Mr Mitchell Blyth PhD Candidate
Joseph Boileau Technical Officer (JMSF)
  • +61 2 6125 3570
Ms Hannah Bollard PhD Candidate
Lilian Boton PhD Candidate
Hannah Bott Casual Research Assistant
Callum Breeze PhD Candidate
Prof. Penelope Brothers Director
  • +61 2 6125 1322
Anh (Dinh) Bui PhD Candidate
Mr Liam Burt PhD Candidate
Dr Adam Carroll Joint Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager
  • 02 6125 79 69
Prof. John Carver Emeritus Professor
  • +61 2 6125 9748
Ms Lizbeth Christina PhD Candidate
Mr Alden Christley-Balcomb PhD Candidate