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Wednesday, 13 Sep 2023

RSC chemist Dr Dan Preston puts some of our fave pop artists under the microscope.

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RSC Building
Thursday, 31 Aug 2023

The Research School of Chemistry seeks to appoint two new continuing academic faculty members in Biological Chemistry.

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Outdoor music festival
Wednesday, 01 Mar 2023

Queensland will become the second Australian jurisdiction to offer pill testing. This is likely to reduce the risk of people overdosing on both unexpected and high potency substances, as well as reducing illness and death from harmful additives and mixtures.

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Could a PhD in piezoelectric materials help spark your career?

The Australian National University is partnering with industry to help lead a new era in advanced materials science and provide opportunities for…
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Congratulations to Dr Christoph Nitsche for his article in C&EN

Congratulations to Dr Christoph Nitsche for his article on Chemical and Engineering News on the novel peptide-bismuth bicycles.
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Start-up to tackle plastic crisis with "infinite recycling"

A new Australian enviro-tech start-up backed by The Australian National University (ANU) will "infinitely" recycle plastic to help solve…
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RSC School Seminar - A.Prof Scott Stewart 05.10.2023
5 Oct 2023 | 12 - 1pm

RSC School Seminar - A/Prof Scott Stewart (UWA)

Title: Nickel Phosphite Precatalysts for C-S C-C and C-N Bond Formation
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