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Research facilities

Battery Lab

Battery Materials and Energy Storage Laboratory (Battery Lab)

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Biopolymer and Polymer Facility

The biopolymer and polymer facility is located in the chemical biology section and is a facility for the production of recombinant proteins and characterization of (bio-) polymers.

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Compounds ANU

Compounds ANU (CANU) aims to directly link the leading synthetic chemistry capabilities within the RSC to ANU medical and biological research programs primarily conducted within the RSB and JCSMR.

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Joint Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Joint Mass Spectrometry Facility (JMSF) was created in 2016 by RSC and RSB to consolidate and grow mass spectrometry facilities at the ANU. In partnership with CSIRO, the JMSF supports research in the Canberra region and across Australia.

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Laser and Spectrophotometer Facility

The laser and Spectrophotometer Facility (LSF) at RSC represents a delocalized multiuser/multiplatform distributed throughout the school.

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Magnetic Resonance Facility

Magnetic Resonance techniques have applications in all fields of the experimental sciences. It is the single most powerful method available to chemists for studying the composition, structure and function of molecules.

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RSC Workshop

The Workshop facility has been formed to provide high level technical support for research laboratories and projects, instrumentation and general infrastructure within the Research School of Chemistry and the Teaching facilities.

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A new Australian enviro-tech start-up backed by The Australian National University (ANU) will "infinitely" recycle plastic to help solve the global plastic pollution crisis.

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X-ray Diffraction Facility Add to Default shortcuts

The School has several modern X-ray diffractometers used for both chemical crystallography and macromolecular crystallography, also housing specialist equipment built for the study of incommensurate diffraction.

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