Mr Longkun Xu

PhD Candidate

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Longkun joined Coote group in October, 2018. He obtained bachelor's degree with a research project on synthesis of biodegradable polymers in 2015 at Qingdao Agricultural University (Qingdao, China). Then he moved to Sichuan University (Chengdu, China) to pursue master's degree and started learning computational chemistry there. His master's thesis is mainly about non-equilibrium solvation effects on charge-transfer excited state and solvent reorganization entropy. Before commencing PhD study, he worked shortly as an assistant editor for journals Materials and High-throughput of MDPI publisher in Beijing, China. A valuable experience of academic publishing was gained there. His current research interests include theoretical studies on geochemical pressure solution, electrostatics scaling factor, electrostatics catalysis in complex environment (electrochemical interface, ionic liquids) and thermocell.



Room 3.110, Building 138