Prof. Nicholas F. Chilton

Professor Nick Chilton
Professor of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

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Prof. Chilton obtained his BSc Adv Hons from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) in 2011, with an Honours project under the supervision of Prof. Keith Murray, and his PhD from The University of Manchester in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Richard Winpenny and Prof. Eric McInnes. At Manchester, he was a Ramsay Memorial Research Fellow from 2016-2018, a Presidential Fellow from 2018-2019 and a Royal Society University Research Fellow (2019-2023). He moved to ANU in 2024, and holds a dual appointment between Manchester and ANU.


In 2015 he won the Dalton Young Researchers Award and in 2021 he won a Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize, both from the Royal Society of Chemistry, and in 2019 he won the 7th Olivier Kahn International Award from the European Institute for Molecular Magnetism.


Research interests

Research in the Chilton group centres on the magnetic properties of molecules. We use computational approaches (DFT, CASSCF) as well as experimental methods (EPR, SQUID, INS) to understand electronic structure and physical properties. We focus on spin dynamics including single-molecule magnetism, molecular spin qubits and novel magnetic resonance imaging agents. See details here: