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Adam Perriman is a Professor of Bioengineering and was recently appointed at the Australian National University (RSC and JCSMR) and holds a joint appointment with the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol (UK). He is also Director of the Bristol Centre for Bioprinting. He is internationally distinguished for his pioneering research on the construction and study of novel synthetic biomolecular systems, and his research interests span the fields of chemistry, synthetic biology and tissue engineering. His contributions to this field of interdisciplinary science led to him being named a Wellcome Trust Frontiers Innovator in 2015, and in 2016, he was awarded the British Biophysical Society Young Investigator's Award and Medal. In 2019, he was named a UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellow. In 2017 he founded the cell therapy spinout biotech company CytoSeek, which has raised in excess of $10M (CytoSeek: His research into the development of novel biomaterials has generated extensive media coverage and has been featured nationally in Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry World, The Chemical Engineer, New Scientist, and internationally in Nature, Nature Chemistry and Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN). This research also led to nationally-broadcast interviews on BBC4. The Perriman Group at the ANU comprises four postdoctoral researchers and Prof Perriman, are we are looking for enthusiastic and talented honours and PhD students.



2019 UK Research and Innovation Future Leader Fellowship.

2019 Launch Great Western Rising Star Award.

2017 SynbiCITE 4 Day MBA Best Synthetic Biology Start-Up, 2017.

2016 British Biophysical Society Young Investigator's Award and Medal.

2015 Named a Wellcome Trust's Frontiers Innovator.

2013 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Early Career fellowship.

2010 Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Postdoctoral fellowship supported by Cross-Disciplinary Interfaces Programme.


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The Perriman Research Group is an interdisciplinary research initiative with a strong focus on the development of novel bionanomaterials and engineered living materials (ELMs) for use in regenerative and synthetic biology with transcendental applications.


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