Prof. Thomas (Richard) Welberry

Emeritus Professor
PhD (London), MA (Cambridge)

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Richard Welberry graduated from the University of Cambridge with a M.A. and received his PhD from University College London. He has since held positions at University College Cardiff (1970-1975) before being appointed Fellow at the Research School of Chemistry. Richard Welberry was appointed Professor at the Research School of Chemistry in 2001.


Research interests

This group combines diffuse X-ray scattering methods with computer simulation to deduce the arrangement of atoms and molecules in disordered crystals. Conventional crystal structure determination reveals only averaged arrangements, inadequate to explain some of the basic properties of many minerals, inorganic compounds, organic compounds and alloys that exhibit crystalline disorder. Diffuse scattering gives information on how neighbouring atoms or molecules interact with each other. This research group has strong connections with Darren Goossen's (former research fellow) Structure and Magnetism of Materials Research Group.


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