ANU ChemSoc Public Lecture - Dr. Philip Norcott

The ANU Chemistry Society is proud to announce its first public lecture of the year which is happening this upcoming Monday the 16th at 1PM in STB S1. Although this is post-lunch, light snacks will be provided.

The speaker will be Dr. Philip Norcott, an early career researcher working here at the Research School of Chemistry. His talk will be:
Seeing the invisible: how chemistry unlocks hidden properties of ‘para’-hydrogen.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy are only able to make use of a tiny proportion of the total number of nuclei available – in a typical hospital MRI scanner only 0.001% of the 1H from water in your body can actually be seen at any point in time. The other 99.999% cannot be detected! To achieve a strong enough signal, lots of scans over minutes or hours (or days) must be taken and added together.

In this lecture we will reveal how chemically activating a unique property of the humble hydrogen molecule, H2, can reverse this limitation, and provide a way to collect NMR and MRI signals thousands of times stronger than normal in a matter of seconds with a single scan.

We hope to see you there or on Zoom!
-ANU Chemistry Society