RSC School Seminar - Prof. Hongxia Wang (QUT)

Title: Towards Cost-Effective, Stable and Greener Perovskite based Technologies

Speaker: Prof. Hongxia Wang

Abstract: The past ten years have witnessed the skyrocketing progress of an emerging photovoltaic technology that use organic-inorganic lead halides based perovskite as light absorber. Within ten years, the energy conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells (PSC) have increased from the initial 3.8% to current record efficiency over 25% achieved by solution processing. This makes the PSC a potentially competitive technology in the PV market.  Nevertheless, currently critical issues such as unsatisfactory stability, toxicity of materials as well as use of precious metal in the state-of-art high efficiency perovskite solar cells (PSCs) are obstacles that need to be overcome urgently in order to make the PSC technology commercially attractive.  In my talk, I will present our recent study of using dopants to tune and improve physicochemical properties of perovskite films and hole transport materials, thus to enhance the stability and performance of corresponding PSCs under moisture and thermal stress. I will also show our strategies to enhance stability of PSCs while reducing material costs by using carbon materials either as passivation layer or as electrode. Finally I will discuss the issue related with using hazardous solvents in PSC production and the need to develop green solvent for solution processing PSCs.


Biography: Dr. Hongxia Wang is a full Professor at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia and a theme leader in two research centres at QUT (Centre for Materials Science and Centre for Clean Energy Technology and Practice).  Her research has been primarily focus on development of new routes to enhance performance and stability of next generation solar cells and energy storage devices. She has carried out extensive research in the area of dye sensitized solar cells, perovskite solar cells, CZTS based thin film solar cells  as well as supercapacitors, batteries.  She has published over 160 peer-reviewed scientific articles with total citation over 5000 times and two book chapters to date. She has h-index=44. She is lead inventor of four patents in the area of energy materials. She has co-organized two scientific special issues in the area of solar cells and supercapacitors as Guest Editor.  She was recipient of “Solar Energy Journal Best Paper Award for 2016 in the topic of Photovoltaics” by International Solar Energy Society. She was also recipient of several prestigious fellowships including “Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship”,  “ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship (Industry)”, “Queensland University of Technology Vice-Chancellor Senior Research Fellow”. She was awarded QUT’s “ Vice-Chancellor’s Performance Award  for  Best Research with Real World Impact” in 2015 an 2017 respectively. Currently she is a member of Australian Research Council (ARC) College of Expert.