Visiting Speaker - A/Prof Viji Sarojini (University of Auckland)

Title: Peptide Sciences and Technologies – Turning the Tide in Medicinal Chemistry and Much More

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8 Sep 2023 | 12 - 1pm
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A/Prof Viji Sarojini
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Malin Finell
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Viji Sarojini 08.09.2023

Peptide Sciences and Technologies – Turning the Tide in Medicinal Chemistry and Much More


De novo designed synthetic peptides are ideal candidates for understanding protein structure and function. Structural motifs with predictable three-dimensional architecture are ideal tools for the de novo design of synthetic peptides. In many instances, synthetic peptides based on natural sequences or designed de novo also possess therapeutic potential. Particularly important in the context of the alarming increase in multidrug resistance (MDR) are antimicrobial lipopeptides that provide alternatives to conventional antibiotics.

Research in the Sarojini group focusses on both fundamental and applied aspects of Peptide Science. This talk will
summarise our research on 1) Antimicrobial Lipopeptides that eradicate biofilms, 2) Self-assembling Peptide
Hydrogels, 3) Proteasome Inhibitors and 4) Peptide Macrocycles

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A/Prof Sarojini obtained her PhD in Peptide Chemistry working with Profs. P. Balaram and R.B Rao at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and BHU, Varanasi India which was followed by postdoctoral research at Linkoping University, Sweden; University of Leeds, UK and Texas A & M University, USA. Moving to New Zealand in 2004, she joined Plant and Food Research and worked on Bioactive Peptide solutions for bacterial diseases of plants. She joined the University of Auckland in 2006 where she currently holds the positon of Associate Professor in Chemistry. She leads a group of several PhD students and postdocs in fundamental and applied aspects of Peptide Chemistry, which include the applications of Peptides in Food, Drug, Health and Energy Domains. She is passionate about equity and inclusion of underrepresented groups in Higher Education and Research and has got interested in the Kindness in Science Movement that originated in New Zealand recently.


RSC Seminar Room (3.105), Building 138