Visiting Speaker - Professor Richard Tilley (UNSW)

Title: Atomically Precise Active Site For Electrocatalysis

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18 Oct 2023 12:00pm - 18 Oct 2023 1:00pm
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Professor Richard Tilley
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Malin Finell
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Prof Richard Tilley - 18.10.202

Atomically Precise Active Site For Electrocatalysis


The primary challenge for high-performance nanoparticle catalysts is the atomic-level control of active sites. In this talk the evolution of state-of-the-art synthesis of metal nanoparticle catalysis with atomic-level control will be discussed. A range of concepts will be discussed including (i) using nanoparticles with specific shapes to expose specific facets to enhance catalytic stability for oxygen evolution, (ii) how these nanoparticles can be decorated with a second metal to form islands that have strain for enhanced activity for hydrogen evolution and (iii) how island can be spread to form single atom catalysts resilient to CO poisoning for methanol oxidation. Developments in the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) atomic scale characterization of active sites will also be illustrated with the discussion of different imaging modes and how in situ TEM can be used to elucidate synthetic reaction mechanisms (Figure 1).

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Figure 1. In situ TEM of the spreading process of Pt islands on a Ru branched nanoparticle to form CO resistant single atom catalysts.



RSC Seminar Room (3.105), Building 138