World Autism Awareness Day "Lead with Kindness"

World Autism Awareness Day falls on April 2nd each year, and this year’s theme is ‘Lead with Kindness’.  Many of our ANU community members have lived experience of autism, a neurological difference impacting on the way they relate to people and the environment around them. Please share your support by displaying a grapjhic such as the one about or Ladybugs ‘Go Yellow’ graphic found here. Even consider creating an email signature to let everyone know about World Autism Awareness Day.

Autism is a different way of thinking, a neurological developmental difference that changes the way people relate to the environment and people around them.  It’s estimated that 1 in every 100 people have been diagnosed with Autism, and increasingly many people are being diagnosed as adults.  Find out more about Autism here. The Neurodiversity Hub is one resource the ANU has invested in to support our students and further our awareness of how we can become more inclusive at the ANU. 

“Joining the Neurodiversity Hub marks an exciting milestone in ANU’s endeavor to ensure all students have access to support and information to realise their social and academic potential and their career aspirations.  Facilitating a positive and inclusive experience for all students is at the heart of ANU’s strategic approach.  Being part of this international Community of Practice will give us the opportunity to connect with like-minded organisations, and to reflect on and share successes and best-practice.”  Professor Grady Venville, Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic.

World Autism Awareness Day is a great opportunity to learn more about autism and consider the way we can appreciate and learn from neurodiversity.

For more details please contact or contact the RSC IDEA committee.