Congratulations Dr Mark Ellison (Faraday Medal)

1 October 2015

The Faraday Club has been formed in order to establish the highest standards for the communication of science in the way demonstrated so outstandingly by Michael Faraday himself. Membership is by invitation to those who have significantly advance the field by practical innovation and achievement.

The Faraday Club was the brainchild of Howie Firth, Director of the Orkney International Science Festival and outstanding science communicator. Howie thought that the recognition of those who communicate science, particularly through the medium of demonstrations, festivals and science shows, was deserving of an international award. In honour of Michael Faraday, the Club was formed in 2010.

Mark Ellison was elected to the Faraday Club at the 2015 Orkney Science Festival. He joins a small number of elected Australian and International science communicators.