Congratulations Nick White - ARC Future Fellowship

Publication date
Wednesday, 11 Aug 2021
Nick Feb 2019.jpeg

Congratulations to Dr Nick White who has been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship. This is fantastic news, and a tribute to all of Nick’s hard work and achievements in supramolecular chemistry. Nick is also a great contributor across all aspects of RSC. Nick’s project summary is below (and the complete list from the ARC is here).

Nick's work will focus on 'Next generation supramolecular frameworks. This project aims to prepare new supramolecular frameworks assembled by hydrogen or halogen bonds. It is anticipated that this work will increase fundamental understanding of supramolecular self-assembly processes and the dynamic processes that are possible within these rearrangeable systems. The project aims to prepare a family of related frameworks, which will allow a detailed comparison of the stability, porosity and biotechnological applicability of new supramolecular materials. The expected outcomes are the development of lightweight and benign organic systems that will have applications in the removal of toxic organic and heavy metal pollutants from water, and in the encapsulation and stabilisation of catalytically-active enzymes.'

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