Prof Mark Humphrey - Australia's top inorganic chemistry researcher of the year 2021

Publication date
Thursday, 11 Nov 2021
Prof Mark Humphrey

Congratulations to Prof Mark Humphrey for being named as Australia's top inorganic chemisty researcher by The Australian, on The List.

The list is a role call of the best researchers and research institutions in Australia in 250 individual fields of research, based on the number of citations for paper published in the top 20 journals in their field over the last five years. A unique listing, it focuses in on particular specialities of individual researchers and research institutions, recognising those areas of excellence that are otherwise unnoticed in the public arena.

This was the first year that Australian research journals were targeted with, demonstrating the importance of publishing research that relates to topics of importance in Australia.

Mark would like to acknowledge the support of the RSC and CoS for support throughout.


More information can be found here, as well as the full list of Australia's top researchers.