Street artists meet science students

1 October 2015

WE have late notice that street artists will work with young scientists from the ANU in a unique art meets science event by Lake Burley Griffin tomorrow.

“Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art” is a creative collaboration between Canberra street artists and science PhD students from ANU, and has been organised by Lee Constable as part of her Master of Science Communication Outreach program at the university.

Street artists have been paired with scientists to develop art inspired by student research and discoveries and artworks will take shape over the course of the day at Westside Acton Park, where the containers have be re-purposed.

Canberra street artist Houl says, “It has been great to work with someone with enthusiasm for something in a completely different field to my own.”

Science PhD student Jason Whitfield said that sharing his work with a street artist “allowed me to think about how I would explain my work and make my work relatable to the public.”

Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art’ event, happened at Westside Acton Park on Saturday, September 19.