“Tetrel and pnictogen functionalised propargylidynes” - Chem Comm HOT Articles

Publication date
Monday, 22 Feb 2021

The research work of Prof. Anthony Hill was recently selected as one of the most interesting articles (HOT article) published in Chemical Communications. The paper by Richard Manzano,  Anthony Hill  and  Rosemary Georgelin's is titled “Tetrel and pnictogen functionalised propargylidynes" (Chem. Commun., 2020,56, 14597-14600) highlights work compelted within the RSC focusing on propargylidyne complexes LnM(C-CCR) which feature conjugated metal-carbon and carbon–carbon triple bonds, raising questions about electronic communication along the unsaturated MC3 spine.

ABSTRACT: The reaction of [W(CCCSiMe3)(CO)2(Tp*)] (Tp* = tris(dimethylpyrazolyl)borate) with AgNO3 which affords {[W(CCCAg)-(CO)2(Tp*)][AgNO3]}n while [Hg{CCCW(CO)2(Tp*)}2] with nBuLi affords [W(CCCLi)(CO)2(Tp*)]. These anhydrous reagents allow the installation of main group elements (e.g., Si, Sn, Pb, P, As) as propargylidyne termini.

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