Synthesis is the preparation of substances by way of chemical processes. These processes generally involve several chemical (and/or biochemical) reactions. Chemical synthesis activities can be either process-focused or product-focused. In process-focused work, new ways are developed to create specific types of covalent bonds. In product-focused studies, new ways to form entire molecules are invented. Chemical synthesis is an integral part of the majority of work carried out at the RSC: for some groups, synthesis is used to make substances for study; for other groups, the chemical synthesis itself is the focus of their work. Those working on advancing the science of synthesis aim to make synthesis more efficient and of broader scope, in a safer way with lower environmental impact. 

Academic staff

Project Status
A Trojan horse to combat malaria / Anti-doping chemistry / Enzyme engineering / Exploring the ‘sulfatome’ Current
Catalysts for chemical hydrogen / Electrochemical and photochemical activation / Designing cooperative transition metal catalysts Current
Domino Reactions / Step Economic Total Synthesis / Synthesising Designed Molecules Current
Magnesium and Calcium Hydride Catalysis / Low Oxidation State Aluminium Complexes / Main Group Radicals Current
Modular fluorescent tags / Lighting up sugars / New dyes for electron and energy transfer. Current
Non-Classical Pincer Ligands for Catalytic Applications / Unusual Carbyne Complexes / Chains of Carbon Current
Non-equilibrium models of active suspensions / Mechanically Interlocked Molecules Current
Oxytocin receptor (OTR) targets / Push-pull chromophores  Current
Spatiotemporal light control / Transition metal complex hybrid materials / Molecular switches / π-Delocalizable oligomers and dendrimers / Syntheses and reactivity of high-nuclearity clusters / Syntheses and reactivity of mixed-metal clusters. Current
Spring-Loaded Electrophiles / Accessing Designer Peptides / Synthesis of Peptide Natural Products Current
Stimuli-responsive foldameric molecules as sensors / Squaramide cages Current
Supramolecular chemistry / Catenanes / Combining coordination bond and hydrogen bond-mediated self-assembly / Hydrogen bonded organic frameworks Current
Synthesizing polymers / Development of electrochemical techniques in organic synthesis / Catalysing and controlling reactions with electric fields. Current