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Friday, 01 Jun 2018

Patrick Yates is in the first year of his PhD at the Research School of Chemistry, and with a passion for teaching has recently been appointed as one of three new teaching fellows in the school. In doing so he believes he’s taking both his research and his teaching to the next level. 

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Thursday, 18 Jan 2018

We spoke to Walker on a visit back to the School, where he spoke to students about the different career paths available to chemistry graduates.

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Monday, 01 Jan 2018

Dr Brendan Burkett, a Research School of Chemistry alumnus who has now left academia, has taken a different approach. His series of comics, ChemScrapes, is connecting with students, academics and the general population to get them inspired in chemistry.

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Saturday, 10 Dec 2016

Eleanor, from the ANU Research School of Chemistry, is taking lessons from nature’s chemists: enzymes. And for good reason too.

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