RSC School Seminar - A/Prof Scott Stewart (UWA)

Title: Nickel Phosphite Precatalysts for C-S C-C and C-N Bond Formation

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5 Oct 2023 12:00pm - 5 Oct 2023 1:00pm
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A/Prof. Scott Stewart
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RSC School Seminar - A.Prof Scott Stewart 05.10.2023

Nickel Phosphite Precatalysts for C-S C-C and C-N Bond Formation


Nickel complexes are increasingly being developed as catalysts for cross-coupling reactions as a reactive and cost-effective alternative to palladium catalysts. In this presentation the rational design and synthesis of new inexpensive air-stable nickel phosphite based catalysts will be discussed. Additionally, their application in C-N, C-S and C-C coupling reactions will also be revealed. The yields using these nickel precatalysts are often improved or comparable with those achieved using Ni(COD)2. This presentation will also show the physical and chemical properties these nickel complexes as well as provide some emphasis on mechanistic concepts.


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STB S2, Building 136

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