RSC School Seminar - Dave Sammut (RACI mentoring program)

Title: 6 Lessons For STEM Careers

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12 Oct 2023 12:00pm - 12 Oct 2023 1:00pm
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Dave Sammut
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Malin Finell
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RSC School Seminar - Dave Sammut - 20231012

6 Lessons For STEM Careers


Dave Sammut, National Coordinator of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s Careers and Mentoring programs will be speaking about six key lessons he has learned over 30 years in a STEM career. Finding a job and advancing your career is not just for the top tier students. Success is accessible to everyone, and Dave will be talking about some simple ideas that you can use to advance your career, as well as some opportunities arising out of his own industrial R&D in clean technology.


STB S2, Building 136