Soft matter deals with colloids, granular matter, liquid crystals, polymers, and other easily deformed materials, and with an emphasis on the mesoscopic scale (between small molecule and macroscopic). Soft matter is characterized by its facile response to thermal fluctuations and external forces, with the resultant materials having a diverse range of technological applications (e.g. in packaging, detergents, cosmetics, paints, and fuel additives). 


At the Connal group we make polymers with applications across a multitude of industries which means we develop new materials for a range of applications.

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Our research uses synthesis, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and computational chemistry to generate new molecular materials with unusual optical properties.

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Our research mainly focuses on the interaction between light and chemicals and its application in materials sciences.

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This project will explore the synthesis and characterization of new π-delocalizable oligomers and dendrimers at the interface between organic/organometallic chemistry and polymer science.

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