Agilent 7250 High Resolution GC-EI-Q/TOF with Gerstel MPS3 and Zoex ZX-2 GCxGC Modulator

Agilent 7250 High Resolution GC-EI-Q/TOF with Gerstel MPS2 Preparative Autosampler and Zoex ZX-2 GCxGC Modulator

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Dr Adam J. Carroll
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Hardware configuration

GC: Agilent 8890

GCxGC Modulator: Zoex ZX-2 Thermal Modulator

MS: Agilent 7250 Q/TOF

  • Electron Impact (EI) of Chemical Ionisation (CI)
  • < 3 ppm mass error
  • Scan range up to 3000 m/z
  • Mass resolution ~25,000
  • Scanning up to 50 spectra/s

Autosampler: Gerstel MPS3 2XL

  • Liquid handling (derivatisation)
  • Heater/agitator/stirrer
  • Headspace sampling
  • µSPE solid phase extraction (SPE)
  • mVAP solvent evaporator
  • CF200 centrifuge
  • TDU2 Thermal Desorption
  • CIS Cooled Inlet System

Key applications

  • Volatilomics / metabolomics / fluxomics
  • High-sensitivity target quantification
  • Characterisation / verification of unknown / putative molecules with high-resolution accurate mass MS/MS
  • Automated sample preparation

Funding source

This instrument was fully funded by

Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant (LE190100017)


"High resolution gas chromatography mass spectrometry for metabolic research"


  • Prof Rod Peakall (ANU)
  • Prof Stuart Cordwell (USyd)
  • Prof David James (USyd)
  • Prof Barry Pogson (ANU)
  • Prof Leslie Weston (CSU)
  • Prof Guillaume Tcherkez (ANU)
  • Prof John Collins (UNSW)
  • Prof Eric Stone (ANU)
  • Dr John O'Sullivan (USyd)
  • A/Prof Malcolm McLeod (ANU)
  • Dr Andrew Merchant (USyd)
  • Dr David Beale (CSIRO)
  • Dr Andrew Warden (CSIRO)
  • Dr Filomena Pettolino (CSIRO)