Waters Synapt G2-Si HDMS LC-Q/TOF with Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Waters Synapt G2-Si HDMS coupled to Waters Acquity UPLC

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Dr Adam J. Carroll
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Hardware configuration

LC: Waters Acquity Class I Plus UPLC

MS: Waters Synapt G2-Si HDMS Quadrupole / Time of Flight MS/MS with Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)

  • Electrospray (ESI) or Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI)
  • Mass resolution >50,000
  • Mass error <1 ppm
  • Scanning up to 30 spectra / sec
  • Capable of detecting large molecules ≥150 kD
  • IMS separates equal m/z ions by size/shape (e.g. conformers)
  • Can perform IMS before or after CID fragmentation
  • Integrated liquid sample infusion system for LC-independent sample introduction

Key applications

  • Intact biomacromolecule (e.g. proteins, tRNAs) characterisation – can detect proteins even larger than 150kD
  • Diastereomer and conformer separation with collisional cross section (CCS) determination by IMS
  • Metabolomics / chemometrics
  • Highly sensitive target quantification
  • Characterisation of synthetic chemicals