Dr Annie Colebatch

Rita Cornforth Fellow

Annie completed her undergraduate degree and PhD at the Australian National University. She received an Endeavour Research Fellowship to work at the University of Bath (2015) with Prof Michael Hill, followed by postdoctoral appointments at the University of Oxford (2015-2017) with Prof Andrew Weller and the University of Cambridge (2017-2019) with Prof Dominic Wright. She returned to the ANU in 2019 as a Rita Cornforth Fellow to establish her independent research on the design of transition metal catalysts. Annie was awarded an Australian Academy of Science J. G. Russell Award (2020) and currently holds an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (2020 - 2023).

Research interests

We aim to address challenges in sustainability through the development of effective catalysts. In particular, investigating carriers for storage and transportation of hydrogen fuel. Our focus is on understanding how such processes occur with homogeneous transition metal catalysts. The rational design of efficient catalytic systems requires knowledge of how catalysts and substrates behave in order to tune their reactivity and thereby deliver enhanced performance.

Visit the group website for more information https://colebatchlab.com/.


CHEM1201 - Chemistry 2 - Introduction to Green Chemistry

CHEM3206 - Catalysis in Chemistry

CHEM3203 Organometallic Chemistry