Miss Di Zhu

PhD Candidate

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Di Zhu is a PhD candidate in RSC at Australian National University, Canberra. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy at Tianjin University in China in 2015 interested in organic synthesis methodology for small molecules applied to medicine production, Pd(III)-catalyzed ortho-selective C-H activation of substituted amide arene. She graduated from Northeastern University in USA with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2017 working on lipid-based drug delivery system, comparison of mechanistic model predicting the role of ingested lipids in oral dissolution of griseofulvin. Before graduation, she was offered an industry intern which broadened her horizon about differences between lab and massive production. Different projects she participated in provide her versatile ways of thinking. Beyond work, she spends most of time on workout. Outdoor activities, especially extreme sport, also attract her badly. She is currently focusing on natural derived photoinitiator for biocompatible 3D printing. You can contact her at Di.Zhu@anu.edu.au



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