Mr Julien Langley

PhD Candidate
BSc. (Hons)

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Julien completed his Bachelor of Science honours (2017) with majors in advance chemistry and earth sciences at the Australian National University, for which he received first class honours. He has been involved in mass spectral analysis of billion-year-old molecular fossils (Brocks group, RSES ANU) and magneto-optical investigations of red algae photosynthetic machinery (Krausz and Cox Groups, RSC ANU). Julien continues to work in the Krausz & Cox groups under the supervision of Dr Nicholas Cox, where he is involved in setting up and enabling the ANU Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Facility. This facility, in conjunction with the existing laser and optics laboratory, forms the heart of his current research on the molecular mechanisms of photosynthesis.




Building 138 Room 3.131


Singh, M.; Jampaiah, D.; Kandjani, A. E.; Sabri, Y. M.; Della Gaspera, E.; Reineck, P.; Judd, M.; Langley, J.; Cox, N.; van Embden, J.; Mayes, E. L. H.; Gibson, B. C.; Bhargava, S. K.; Ramanathan, R.; Bansal, V., Oxygen-deficient photostable Cu2O for enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity. Nanoscale 2018, 10 (13), 6039-6050.

Langley, J.; Morton, J.; Purchase, R.; Tian, L.; Shen, L.; Han, G.; Shen, J.-R.; Krausz, E., The deep red state of photosystem II in Cyanidioschyzon merolae. Photosynthetica 2018, 56 (1), 275-278.

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