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Highly Cited Researchers again. Dr Yin has been awarded with Highly Cited Researchers every year since 2015.

The Materials Science and Applications group is interested in AI-assisted synthesis & understanding of nano-to-atomic materials & structures, applications development for sustainable functional devices, and rational advancement towards multi-functions integrated systems.

  1. Machine-learning aided design and high throughput synthesis of customized nano-to-atomic materials with manipulating their components, morphologies, phases, facets, defects, plasmonics, ferroelectrics and strain, etc.
  2. Understanding of the correlation between above structures, behavior patterns (e.g. photon absorption, exciton generation, charge separation & transport, ion diffusion, gas/liquid/solid phase interface behaviors, photo/electro/photoelectro-activity, and plasmon/exciton/polariton interaction, etc.) and functional performance.
  3. Local surface activity identification by real-time visualisable high spatial/temporal resolution techniques (microscopies/spectroscopies).
  4. Rational development from low-dimensional structures to functional devices for energy conversion&storage, body-wearable health prediction&diagnosis and (opto)electronics, with further integration towards advanced multi-functional systems.
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Dr Yin has been honored as one of The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds - Highly Cited Researchers every year since 2015.

Dr Yin has > 10 international patents with three of them converted to PCT in the areas of frontier nanomaterials, renewable energy, and upscalable fabrication of nanodevices/systems.