Yin Group

Highly Cited Researchers 2020 again. Dr Yin has been awarded with Highly Cited Researchers every year since 2015.

The group is interested in synthesis & understanding of nano-to-atomic materials & structures, applications development for sustainable functional devices, and rational advancement towards multi-functions integrated systems.

  1. Design and synthesis of function-orientated two/mixed-dimensional nano-to-atomic materials&structures with manipulating their layer components, frameworks, crystal phases, exposure facets, local modifications, Plasmons enhancement, ferroelectric domains, constructive defects, and/or external strain/field, etc.
  2. Understanding of the correlation between above structures, behavior patterns (e.g. photon absorption&conversion, charge transport&diffusion, ion diffusion, radical reactivity, Plasmon/exciton/polariton dynamics, electro/photo-catalysis etc.) and functional performance.
  3. Local surface activity identification by real-time visualisable high spatial/temporal resolution techniques (microscopy/spectroscopies).
  4. Rational development from nano structures to functional devices for energy conversion&storage, body-wearable health prediction&diagnosis and (opto)electronics, with further integration towards advanced multi-functional systems.
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Dr Yin has been honored as one of The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds - Highly Cited Researchers every year since 2015.

Dr Yin has > 10 international patents with three of them converted to PCT in the areas of frontier nanomaterials, renewable energy, and upscalable fabrication of nanodevices/systems.