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James Findlay Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Christopher Fitzgerald PhD Candidate
Ms Emer Foyle PhD Candidate
Ms. Stephanie Franks PhD Candidate
Dr. Rebecca Frkic Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Ben Frogley Postdoctoral Fellow
  • +61 2 6125 4425
Mr Alfred Fung PhD Candidate
Matthew Gallagher Honours student
Dr Michael Gardiner X-ray Diffraction Facility Manager
  • 02 6125 3766
Mr. Puneet Garg PhD Candidate
Mr Andrew George PhD Candidate
Mr Josemon George Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms Rosemary Georgelin Casual Research Assistant
A/ Prof. Alexey Glushenkov Fellow
  • +61 2 612 51160
Rebecca Green Honours student
Mr Aidan Grosas PhD Candidate
Huimin Gu
Vrinda Gupta PhD Candidate
Edan Habel Honours student
Mr Peter Hall PhD Candidate
Kasuni Bhagya Ekanayake Haluwadana Ralalage G. W. PhD Candidate
Ms Jodi Hamilton School Administrator, Purchasing Officer
  • +61 2 6125 5524
Miss Chelsey Hammill PhD Candidate
Mr Joshua Hammond PhD Candidate
Joshua Hampson Honours student
Isaac Hampton Honours student
Yin Hang PhD Candidate
Prof. Margaret Harding Emeritus Professor
Mr William Hatcher Honours Student
Ms Junna Hayashi PhD Candidate