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Dr Robin Purchase Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Haocheng Qianzhu PhD Candidate
Dr Thrinath Reddy Ramireddy Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms Anagha Sabu PhD Candidate
Sandra Saji PhD Candidate
Mr Jake Saunders Postgraduate Research Support
Dr Brett Schwartz Senior Research Fellow
Dr Torsten Schwich RSC WHS Manager
  • +61 2 61255649
Prof. Edith Marie Sevick Honorary Professor
  • +61 2 6125 0508
India Shackleford PhD Candidate
Ms Mona Shahali PhD Candidate
Peidong Shen PhD Candidate
Prof. Michael Sherburn Associate Director (Education), Professor
  • +61 2 61254988
Laura Shuttleworth Honours student
Ms Catherine Simpson PhD Candidate
Ms Tracy-Lee Sinnott Senior School Administrator
  • +61 2 6125 1408
Dr. Jordan Smith Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms. Shiva Sottani Dehnavi PhD Candidate
Dr. Madison Sowden Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Matthew Spence PhD Candidate
Dr. Michael Stevens Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Bradley Stevenson Research Fellow
  • +61 2 61258017
Mr Craig Stewart PhD Candidate
Gregory Stott Elec ST & Compliance Officer
Prof. Rob Stranger Emeritus Professor
  • +61 2 61252934
Zhehao Sun
Dr Qingbo Sun Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms Uthayasuriya Sundaramoorthy PhD Candidate
Mr. Mahdiar Taheri PhD Candidate
Miss Ming Li Tan PhD Candidate