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Ms. Sahar Hosseini PhD Candidate
Mr Trent Hubber Infrastructure and facilities coordinator
  • 0432 744 572
Prof. Thomas Huber Professor
  • +61 2 61259346
Prof. Mark Humphrey Professor
  • +61 2 61252927
Prof. Colin Jackson Associate Director (Research)
  • +61 2 61258325
Mrs Anithahini Jeyasingham Mass Spectrometry Officer
  • +61 2 6125 3570
Dawei Ji PhD Candidate
Ms. Alishba John PhD Candidate
Yvonne Joho PhD Candidate
Dr Gregory Jolley Technical Officer Electronics
Martyna Margaret Judd PhD Candidate
Mr Joe Kaczmarski PhD Candidate
Ms Isabel Karia Research Assosicate
Mr Dhanya Karipal Padinjare Veedu PhD Candidate
Mrs Maryam Kazemi Zahrani PhD Candidate
Mr Ryan Kirk PhD Candidate
Prof. Elmars Krausz Emeritus Professor
  • +61 2 61253577
Mr Ashwani Kumar PhD Candidate
Mr George Laffan PhD Candidate
Mr Julien Langley PhD Candidate
Miss Chloe Larcombe PhD Candidate
Mr Vance Lawrence Senior Technical Officer (Teaching)
  • +61 2 61252019
Mr Brendon Lee Research Officer
Jong Jin Lee PhD Candidate
Sharwel Lei Honours student
Dr. Siu Fung (Mark) Leung Postdoctoral Fellow
Li Feng Lim Honours Student
Li Feng Lim Honours student
Miss Yutong Lin PhD Candidate
Xiaohan Liu Honours student